Karlos Dillard
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Put the extra in the ordinary to become Extraordinary

Karlos Dillard: More than just a viral video star

I moved to Seattle, Wa to find myself, I never knew that it would lead me to the journey I am on today. I am most known for my quick sassy remarks and being real no matter the situation. I have had success in multiple areas including modeling for infamous Seattle Photograher Art Wolfe in his "Human Canvas Project", several viral videos with CUT.COM and Stand Up Comedy.

I grew up in Detroit, Mi and spent most of my childhood in foster care. Abandoned at 15 years old, I worked three jobs and put myself though high school and college while homeless. 

I met my now husband while attending college and we have started a new adventure and love to make new memories. My self published novel will be out soon so stay posted!




You come into this world alone to find your purpose. Most people walk through life working to fulfill needs that don't add real joy to their lives. I want to live life everyday to the fullest while bringing awareness to social issues using comedy and conversation. We don't have to like each other but we do have to live in cohabitation.  

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